Five Ways To Overcome Overwhelm

Life is not without its share of things to be stressed about. However, lately, it has become quite difficult to manage and not feel overwhelmed by them. The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified this even more, reaching those who thought they got things under control as well. Addressing this elephant in the room, Randall Sean and Selina Garcia share the approach they use to coach ourselves through feelings of overwhelm. They break them down in five ways: focusing on the now, self-care, planning ahead, getting organized, and prioritizing. Don't let stress and anxiety get the best of you. Learn how to manage the ways you react to them. Randall and Selina teach you in this very necessary episode, especially in this trying time.


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Five Ways To Overcome Overwhelm

Stress and anxiety are a given in modern life. How you react to it is up to you. Here's the approach we use to coach ourselves through feelings of overwhelm.

In our episode, we...

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Leading At Home, Winning At Life

Leading at home wins you at life. Randall Sean and Selina Garcia are back to share the importance of taking care of your home life; otherwise, you're not really winning. Kicking off season two of the Lead at Home podcast, they keep us up to date with what has been going on in their lives and the new addition in their growing family. They then share some exciting news about the show that will further help you increase your faith, multiply your influence, and grow your leadership. Personal development that starts with your relationship with God enables you to grow in leadership from the home to other areas of your life. Allow Randall and Selina to guide you on how to win in those aspects and live with a purpose that is much bigger than yourself.


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Leading At Home, Winning At Life

It's Great To Be Back For Season Two Of The Lead At Home Podcast!

True winners don't play the game of life for the money, fame, recognition,...

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How To Subscribe & Rate Our Podcast “5-stars” On iTunes

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2020

How To Subscribe To Our Podcast

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How To Rate Our Podcast “5-stars”

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How To Rate Our Podcast “5-stars” On iTunes

Help us reach more people by giving us a 5-star rating on iTunes! Here’s how …

If you’re on an iPhone or iPad …

Launch the “Podcasts” app on your device. It’s the app with this icon:
NOTE: If you can’t find this app, swipe all the way left on your home screen until you’re at that weird Search/News page thing. Tap the search field at the top and type in “Podcasts.” Apple’s...
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Fighting For Your Marriage (Even When Things Are Good)

family marriage Jul 13, 2018

Why Fight When Things Are Good?

If you are like most people, you're probably thinking... "Why would I fight for my marriage when things are going great?" In one sense, the word "fighting" doesn't sound like a great word to be used in conjunction with the word "marriage." On the other hand, it depends on your definition of the "fighting."
noun: fighting; plural noun: fightings
1. the action of fighting; violence or conflict. (ex. "terrible fighting broke out in the streets")
Synonyms: Violence, hostilities, conflict, action, combat, warfare, war, battles.
Antonyms: Peace
adjective: fighting
1. displaying or engaging in violence, combat, or aggression. (ex. "he was a fighting man")
Other definitions go from "to quarrel or argue" to "struggle or campaign against."
Let's narrow the focus a bit. Another definition is "endeavor vigorously to win (an election or other contest)." In plain words, this...
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5 Ways You Can Master The Art Of Slowing Down And Enjoying Life

There's a slowing down problem in today's society.
I hear the same words repeated time and time again:
  • Exhausted
  • Overworked
  • Overwhelmed
  • Over-scheduled
  • Anxious
  • Dissatisfied

It’s an issue that applies to everyone it seems. No matter if you run a successful business, non-profit, corporation or church... These words might sneak up on you. No matter if you are young or old, rich or poor, professionals or parents, women or men, Republicans or Democrats, it doesn't matter. This is an issue that doesn't discriminate. It's clearly a global issue.

If you get to the heart of these issues, you will see that the issue is really just a TIME issue.
  • If you are feeling exhausted, it might be because you haven’t allowed yourself enough time to rest. 
  • If you are feeling anxious, it might be because you want something to change and happen that is outside of your control.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, it might...
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The MVP Strategy Every Winning Family Should Use

family leadership Jun 20, 2018

If you haven’t heard of what our version of what "winning" really is then let me fill you in… You ready? You have to lead at home, to win at life (shocker, I know). So in today we are going to give you a brand new winning strategy that you can use for your family.

MVP is an acronym, most people think it stands for Most Valuable Player… Which it does… But not for today. Today it stands for something else because we are going to give you the MVP acronym for winning families.

Think MVP.

M = Mission

A family mission statement is a combined, unified expression from all family members of what your family is all about — what it is you really want to do and be — and the principles you choose to govern your family life. Here's an example of our family mission statement.
Garcia Family Mission Statement:
"We will grow our faith in God and live in His kingdom’s purpose. We will worship our Creator...
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The 3 Keys to Cultivating A Winning Marriage by Randy and Kelli Ayres

marriage relationships Jun 18, 2018
A message from Pastor Randy and Kelli Ayres, Lead Pastors at Cross Mountain Church in San Antonio, TX.
"We don't have all the answers. We are not perfect, our marriage is not perfect and our family is not perfect. We still argue and we still want to strangle our kids at times (only kidding), but we simply want to share what we've learned. We want to share things we are trying… or know we should be trying.
Studies show that as the average couple gets older (and their kids grow older), the satisfaction level of the marriage gets lower and lower. The only time this changes significantly is when the children leave home.  At that point, the satisfaction of marriage will rise somewhat but still remain lower than when the marriage first began.
We wanted to break each of those down and talk about cultivating each of those in our lives, in our relationship and in our marriage.

1. Cultivating Commitment

This is the bedrock and...
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5 Actionable Ways to Help You Lead at Home and Win At Life

The whole concept of "Leading at home, winning at life" may seem ideal to many people, but it doesn't happen overnight. It comes with making big decisions that will impact the way you live and lead.
We believe that with a God-focused mindset, everything else will fall into place.
With God at #1... marriages thrive, parenthood produces fruit, and God expresses favor over your career. If done in the opposite order, many people will find that filling their career bucket first will lead to much unhappiness and dissatisfaction.
Today, we bring you the 5 Actionable Ways to Help You Lead At Home And Win At Life.
Leading at home will help you...  

1: Rethink your priorities

At the beginning of 2017, I went on The Millennial Leadership Show, and made a promise to my listeners that I would read one book per week for a whole year. That's a whopping total of 52 books! As soon as the show ended, I cringed.
How in the world am I going to do...
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