Leading At Home, Winning At Life

Leading at home wins you at life. Randall Sean and Selina Garcia are back to share the importance of taking care of your home life; otherwise, you're not really winning. Kicking off season two of the Lead at Home podcast, they keep us up to date with what has been going on in their lives and the new addition in their growing family. They then share some exciting news about the show that will further help you increase your faith, multiply your influence, and grow your leadership. Personal development that starts with your relationship with God enables you to grow in leadership from the home to other areas of your life. Allow Randall and Selina to guide you on how to win in those aspects and live with a purpose that is much bigger than yourself.


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Leading At Home, Winning At Life

It's Great To Be Back For Season Two Of The Lead At Home Podcast!

True winners don't play the game of life for the money, fame, recognition, promotions. They're after something far more valuable than that and it can be boiled down to one simple concept. It's all about legacy. They understand that they might lead Fortune 500 companies to make more money than they'll ever need, receive more recognition than they can ever dream of, but if they aren't winning at home, then they're not really winning. Winners don't make excuses, so they take ownership of their home. They learn from their failures and teach their children how to do the same. They make daily sacrifices that lead to winning marriages. Winners live with a purpose much bigger than themselves, a purpose that's eternal. Winners lead with legacy.


In this episode, we are going to take you through a quick journey. This episode is titled, We're Back. We have some exciting news to share. We're happy that you've joined us. Selina and I have a lot to share.

It's been a journey with a lot of ups and downs, but mainly up. We're excited to be back on track.

The truth of the matter is that 2019 was the craziest year of our lives, our marriage, everything in mostly good ways. So much has happened. We're going to share with you a little bit about that because we have gotten quite a bit of feedback on, "When are you going to launch that next episode?" We figured that we'd do that now and at the very end of the episode, we have something exciting to tell you about the show and the future of the show. If you're reading our blog, we're on video. You might be watching on YouTube or you might be watching on Facebook. Wherever you're watching or reading from, we thank you for joining us. We're excited to be back.

It's going to be a new thing for me to be doing video. That means I have to do my hair and makeup now when we record, but I'm excited and I'm ready to dive into this stuff.

There are twelve points. We usually give 5, 3, 4 points. Now there are twelve points because it's twelve months out of the year of January. We didn't plan on how we're going to do this, but I'm going to go ahead and get started.

In January 2019, we live with my parents because we moved out of our home.

I launched a huge project and started my Master's Degree in Christian Ministry. That has a lot to do with what we're going to be talking about for our 2019. In 2018, when we started the podcast, I was full-blown into my businesses and things like that. I'll give you a spoiler alert, I'm a pastor now. Most of the audience that knows me and follows me knew that. Starting in January 2019, I started my Master's Degree program and then in February 2019, I gave you the lowdown on that. I launched an online coaching business. Tell us what happened in March 2019. This was huge.

We went to Disney World.

That was huge but something bigger happened in Disney World.

I got pregnant in Disney World, the happiest place of all. We came home with the best souvenir ever. You'll learn about how bad I get sick when I'm pregnant, but I get all day sickness. That pushed us back a little bit from recording. I want to sleep through it all. That was a great month, March. It was our daughter's birthday as well.

We celebrated our daughter's birthday at Disney World. We're in Disney World and we're also closing on a house. A week after we got back, we closed on our house. We moved out of your parents' house. It was a season.

It was interesting but we're so thankful for my parents for allowing us to be there. That was a lot to take in.

I've got to give your parents props because I was scared going into that but it turned out great. We had a lot of fun. I was surprised. In May 2019 is when things started happening in our ministry. We went to LA to the Bethel Heaven Come Conference. We learned and grew a lot. We had many heavy discussions that we’ve got to get away and talk about. A huge thing happened there is I was prophesied over and it changed the course of how I thought about myself and my ministry. If you don't believe in the prophetic, that's something that I struggled with for my entire life. In May of 2019, this is where God started to speak to me and He said, "I'm speaking to you. You can listen or you can ignore what I'm trying to tell you." He was grabbing me by the shoulders and saying, "I'm trying to speak to you. You're going to listen to me." That happened in LA.

While that was happening and we were enjoying this time with the Lord and I'm growing closer to Him and to each other, the enemy is always ready to attack. While we're over there at the same time, our identity is being stolen here in San Antonio, Texas. That was definitely a spiritual warfare.

We're going to do an episode on identity and how important it is to instill identity in your children. That would be a perfect episode so that I can share the entire story. I'll tell you a little bit about it. I was struggling about my identity as, “Am I a businessman? Am I going into ministry? I know I'm a leader at home, I know who I am but I didn't know how it all fit together.” That was one of the big questions that I was asking myself during the conference. The funny thing about that whole situation is our identities were getting stolen. It was a big identity theft mess. I don't even want to get into the details there because it was very bad. You hear the stories on the news. It took months to get that resolved. Let's go to June 2019. Selina set the Guinness Book of World Records for throwing up every five minutes for 30 days in a row.

I totally did it and it was horrible. I love being pregnant. If I could have ten more babies, I want to except for the sickness that happens. Shout out to all the mamas who have had that because I feel your pain. We're going to skip to July 2019 now. This is a miracle story that I want to share with you all. I remember it because it's my brother's birthday, I had a terrible nightmare of having a miscarriage and it was so detailed. Thank goodness I've never had a miscarriage and my heart breaks and aches for the ones who have had and experienced that. I had that dream and I woke up and I told Randall, "It was ugly. It was such an ugly dream. It felt so real." I remember it was a Sunday morning, the day that I woke up from that nightmare, we went to church and I was leading worship.

I felt the Lord urging me to continue to worship through how I was feeling. I was like, "I'm not going to accept that dream. I'm going to claim life into this baby girl. I'm going to speak life into her and speak it." I remember crying and feeling this feeling of, “It's going to be okay. This is my daughter,” as the Lord was speaking to me. She was going to change the world and she was going to be a worshiper. I felt this peace flow upon me. Skipping ahead, because we'll get there later. She was due in December 2019. When we had her, she came out with her umbilical cord tied in the complete knot. If you've never heard of that, we didn't hear about it either until the doctor was like, "Her cord's in the knot." It was tight. I forgot what it's called. Is it called a true knot?

A true knot means it was a legit knot. If you think of a knot and it would be like a rope. We posted a picture. You can see it at There's a blog there that you can see what the knot looks like and it's a true knot.

Looking into it, researching about it, talking with our pediatrician and my doctor said she was a miracle baby because that would have cut off the oxygen for her and would have led into something tragic. I felt in my heart and I know that God gave me that dream to urge me to listen to the Holy Spirit to take that to Him, to trust Him with that and not listening to the fear in me. If I would've sat on it and been fearful, who knows what has happened. I want to share that story. I feel like that's a big testimony of God's love and His grace upon us. It's very important to be very mindful when the Holy Spirit speaks to you, listen and you're in tune with the Holy Spirit so that you can break chains and break things that are trying to hold you. I'm preaching.

In August 2019, Cole went to public school. We have many stories to share. Cole comes home and he says, "Daddy, is God even real?" We were like, "Where did you hear that from? Why would you ask that question?" He says, "Is God real? Is he like Santa Claus and Spider-Man?"

Lead At Home: Be mindful when the Holy Spirit speaks to you. Listen and be in tune with it so that you can break the chains that are trying to hold you back.


This is exactly what he said. He goes, "Is God real or is he someone you made up so that I can listen?" It's so interesting because how does a five-year-old come up with that? We know Cole is brilliant but we couldn't get the story. I have nothing against public school. I was a public school teacher and I love it. Our problem at that moment is that we felt that our child needed something a little different for him individually to set that foundation a little bit more in school because he was used to a Christian preschool. He kept asking the teacher, "When are we going to pray for our food? When are we going to have worship?" We don't know what's going to happen with Cole. He might go back to public school this coming year, who knows? We do know that we put him into a private school, he learned a lot about Jesus, not just here at home because we know that that comes from home. It was nice to have that parent-teacher-school connection. 

In September 2019 moving on, Selina found out she was 31 and cried.

I'm 30. I will always be 30.

In October 2019, I finished my Master's Degree, which is crazy because I had started in January and it was just over nine months. My last day in class, I still remember it was October the 13th or something like that. I went from January 6th to October the 13th, over nine months for 36 Master's Degree hours. It was crazy. You can imagine why we didn't blog a lot is I was studying, reading, writing papers and she was throwing up. All of that was going on. In November 2019, I officially became a pastor. Much has happened in the last few years but mainly in 2019. We're blessed and happy. We're stoked about what God has in our future. Keep us in your prayers and we're still at the beginning of our ministry together at Fortress Church in San Antonio, Texas. It’s where we're at. Let's go to December 2019, baby number three comes.

We welcomed her on December 7th, which is a funny story because as you know, Randall is on insurance sales with Medicare and the busy season is October 15th through December 7th.

I was telling Selina the whole time, "Keep the baby in until December 7th. That's the day."

Honestly, I wasn't trying to keep her in because I was so uncomfortable at the end and she listened to her daddy.

I couldn't believe it. I'm not kidding. It's the busiest season of my entire year. On December 7th, 2019, she comes to my last appointment. Selina calls me and I told my client, "My wife's calling and she told me she wouldn't call unless she was going into labor." When she called, I put you on speaker in front of them and you said, "My water broke. I'm going to start heading to the hospital." I said, "Do I have time to finish the appointment?"

You're such a man.

Based on our last two babies, sometimes you could feel like the baby is coming quick. Sometimes the baby is not coming quickly.

You can't feel. It's all in surprise.

I beat you to the hospital by about an hour.

They tell you, "Once you've had it, it might go just like the second one." It was nothing like the second one because Cole was fifteen hours labor, Riley was four hours and Raeanne was twelve hours. I was so tired but it was great. It was a healthy delivery, praise the Lord. That's when we noticed she had a true knot. I told him that she's already listening to her daddy. She waited and she's here. We're so excited. We have three little ones that keep us busy and keep me tired.

There's 2019 in a nutshell. A lot more happened than that but we tried to keep it short. We want to do one episode for those of you who were asking about the show. I thought it would be nice to do this and explain ourselves a little bit. Here's the big announcement. Now we're in 2020, while this is going on, I'm also again deciding how am I going to do my ministry? How am I going to do my business? I'm very entrepreneurial and things like that. One of the things that I decided to do was build a Christian podcast network. It's become already more than just a podcast network. Long story short, this show is now going to be one of many resources, podcasts, channels if you will, for the Christian Leadership Network. I am launching the Christian Leadership Network on May 1st, 2020 officially and the Lead At Home Podcast will be one of several different podcasts that you can listen to.

The focus is three-fold on the Christian Leadership Network. We want to increase your faith, multiply your influence and grow your leadership. Those are the three things but there are also three areas of life that we're going to concentrate on. It's going to be home, work and church or in ministry. All of that's going to have a life application towards it. You're going to get personal growth tools all throughout. A couple of things that I want to mention to you is one of the things we started on January 1st, 2020 was the LX3 Bible Study Community. I have posted every single day since January 2020 in the LX3 Bible Study Community. LX3 stands for Love like Jesus, Live with Purpose and Lead with Impact. The reason why we did the LX3 Bible Community is simply to increase our faith wanting to grow together.

We have over 500 members in the LX3 Bible. It started in January 2020. We have over 500 members in the community. What we do is we go through the YouVersion Bible app. We bible study together. If you want to hop on every 5 to 10 days, it depends on what study we're in, we do a new study. We can do a topic on prayer and on worship. Right now, we're in one called Kingdom Disciples. We did one for Easter, it's an eight-day series. We've done some leadership ones. We were switching it up to keep it interesting and we're doing it together. That's the main thing. I encourage you, if you want to go and join us, you can go to and you can see everything that's going on with the Christian Leadership Network or you can search LX3 in Facebook.

What I love about it is that since it's an open bible study on Facebook, you can invite anybody you want. They don't have to go to your church. It's all these people from different churches are coming together and being the church and learning together. It's awesome that it's there at your fingertips. What I do in the morning is when little Miss Raeanne wakes up, I'm able to lay there and nurse her and do what I got to do, but I'm able to read my devotions in. It's awesome to see everyone's comments on there. At the end of each devotional, it says, "What does this mean to you?" A lot of people put their input and sometimes it's not even something you've already thought about. It's cool to grow and learn from each other.

I love reading everyone's comments there in the YouVersion Bible app or sometimes on Facebook. We get to see a different perspective. We have the LX3 Bible Study Community if you want to increase your faith. Another thing that we started is This one we've been doing every morning. We're doing not a podcast, a prayercast and it's on Facebook Live. You can either go to or in your web browser and you can follow us and pray with us in the morning. What I do every morning at 7:30, except for Sundays, because we'd live stream for the church, but Monday through Saturday at 7:30 AM, I pray. I asked for prayer requests, I asked for praise reports and I dissect the scripture.

I do a Lectio Divina type study where we read the passage and we break it down word-by-word. I try to provide some context for some scripture. It's an awesome time. It's about 20 to 25 minutes long on average. It's a great time. Another thing is we're going to be launching another podcast. We'll tell you about that soon. What our goal is we want to, not only help you lead at home, but we want to increase your faith. Those are why we have the resources like LX3 Bible Study Community or We also want to help you grow in leadership. It all starts with leading at home. It all starts with your relationship with God. We wanted to bring those together as the foundation, but there's also going to be more leadership podcasts and resources.

I love that it's all organized. If you can check that out, it's all there.

We're bringing everything into one umbrella. If you follow me, I have the Millennial Leadership Show podcast, so more to come on what we're doing with that show. It's all exciting and I couldn't be happier to have the Christian Leadership Network. Do you have anything more to add for our We're Back episode?

Lead At Home: Leading at home starts with your relationship with God.


You don't know that I'm going to share this, but I started piano lessons and I'm so excited. I've played the violin. It was my primary instrument in voice. I've always wanted to learn the piano because I've always had it on my heart that I want to write my music. Now that I'm learning the piano, I'm able to put melodies to all these lyrics I've written or whatever God had put on my heart. One day I wake up and I'm like, "Why do I have this in my head?" I write it out. Hopefully, I can grow in that in learning and I can possibly show you all a song one day. Pray for me that I continue to grow in that and grow in what the Lord has called me to do here and everywhere I'm at. Thank you. It's been fun catching up and talking about our year.

Thank you for joining us. You can click the subscribe button if you're on iTunes or Google Play. If you are watching via YouTube or some other video format, you can also do the same and share our stream. Most importantly, we want you to connect with our spiritual growth tool. I recommend going to and look at everything that we have available for you. We want you to increase your faith, multiply your influence and grow your leadership, especially at home. Thank you for joining us for another episode. We'll see you in the next one.


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