Leading At Home, Winning At Life

Leading at home wins you at life. Randall Sean and Selina Garcia are back to share the importance of taking care of your home life; otherwise, you're not really winning. Kicking off season two of the Lead at Home podcast, they keep us up to date with what has been going on in their lives and the new addition in their growing family. They then share some exciting news about the show that will further help you increase your faith, multiply your influence, and grow your leadership. Personal development that starts with your relationship with God enables you to grow in leadership from the home to other areas of your life. Allow Randall and Selina to guide you on how to win in those aspects and live with a purpose that is much bigger than yourself.


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Leading At Home, Winning At Life

It's Great To Be Back For Season Two Of The Lead At Home Podcast!

True winners don't play the game of life for the money, fame, recognition,...

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